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Diversity & Inclusion

Here at Clarence George, we are passionate about constantly challenging and reinventing our recruitment processes to ensure that we are as inclusive as possible. It is vital for us that our candidates feel welcomed, respected and celebrated for the value that they bring, and that our clients are supporting and championing diversity in their workforce.

Diversity matters. Not only is it the right thing to do; it is also of huge benefit to workers and workforces alike.  Diverse companies allow for more viewpoints and a wider range of skills, greater employee satisfaction and better decision making. Diverse and inclusive workforces are the future; the fact that 85% of employers are prioritising increasing diversity in their workforce is a testament to that fact.

What steps are we taking?

As a recruitment consultancy, we at Clarence George feel a significant responsibility to aid diversity and inclusion in our recruitment processes. It is impossible to ignore the reality that recruitment campaigns frequently see minorities unacknowledged for their skills and achievements. As a result we are constantly pushing ourselves to improve and enable visibility for all candidates. Some examples of the steps we are taking include:

  • Improving our job advertisement inclusivity

  • Utilising recruitment tools that enable connections with diverse talent

  • Consciously taking steps to counter unconscious bias

  • Widening our candidate searches

  • Proactively working with clients who align with our values


We are also implementing measures to ensure inclusivity within our own organisation, such as:

  • Providing equal parental leave of 26 weeks of full pay regardless of gender, location, family circumstances or tenure

  • Regular volunteering days for our employees allowing Clarence George to give back to the community

  • Proactively working with recruitment agencies to diversify the pool of candidates for our own internal hiring


We are proud to be advocates of diverse workforces and inclusive recruitment. By holding ourselves accountable and committing to change, we hope to continually improve our recruitment processes, to ensure that our values are at the heart of Clarence George, so that our clients and candidates can be confident that we are providing an equitable and inclusive recruitment service.

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